Vision for Carson

Collectively our vision for the City of Carson is to ensure a clean, healthy, and safe community. My vision for Carson is where all residents can reach their full potential through education, business, recreation and wellness.

Economy & Jobs

Increased economic opportunities for citizens of Carson is a must! Joint efforts with the City and all Carson Chamber of Commerce should work together. The many new construction and expansion projects in the City MUST have Carson residents working. My goal is to increase Job training and job readiness by linking together and our biggest resource California State University Dominguez Hills and our city employment agency, the Job Clearinghouse.

Community & Public Safety

Public Safety – The lives of ALL people matter and RESPECT is the common thread. Increased Neighborhood Watch and community Town-hall meetings are needed so all residents are informed and connected. Gang and crime reduction is important. Law enforcement communication with residents and business must be encouraged and maintained. Greater respect by Law enforcement and residents along with fair/equal treatment regardless of race, color, nationality or sexual orientation must be practiced. My goal is the bridge this gap and institute a Public Safety Community Task Force.

Senior Program & Park

Seniors/Park Programs – The City of Carson is nationally known for having the best Parks and Recreation programs and services for youth, adults and seniors. I am committed to keeping these programs in the City of Carson. I want to make sure all residents of Carson understand the importance of social programing and the benefits of neighborhood fellowship.